Radish Desi Seeds
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Radish Desi Seeds
Bottle Gourd Round (Ghiya)
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Bottle Gourd Round (Ghiya)



The bottle gourd Desi / Ghiya/ calabash/ white-flowered gourd Seeds belongs to the cucumber family and originated in Africa, and is now available in most parts of the world. Bottle gourd comes in different shapes, the most common being the bottle-shaped (hence the name) and round. The sizes vary from six inches in length to more than six feet.

Pure seeds             :  Min. 98%

Other Crop seed   :  Max. 10 per kg

Inert Matter         :  Max. 2%

Physical Purity     :   Min 98%

Moisture                :   Max. 7%

How to plant

It is anything but difficult to develop bottle gourd in the event that you take after the guide and tips given beneath:

  • Bottle Gourd Seeds
  • Bottle Gourd Young Vine
  • Developing Bottle Gourd in Pot or Ground: Bottle gourd can be developed in ground in your garden or in pot. On the off chance that you plant lauki in a pot, select a wide and profound pot, no less than 50 cm breadth.
  • In the event that you have just little place to develop bottle gourd, you can develop it in a pot, spread the vine on trellis or rooftop. In the event that you are developing it on your porch, at that point spread the plant on the fencing (the external divider on the patio).
  • A year ago I put one seed in a pot and another in ground. While the jug gourd in the pot created great number of gourds, the one in ground was not extremely fulfilling.
  • The issue with bottle gourd in ground was that it developed to long separations hopping on to a close-by high tree, from where I couldn’t hand fertilize the container gourd blooms. Then again, the jug gourd in the holder developed to a sensible separation.
  • Purchase lagenaria siceraria gourd seeds from any garden shop or you can utilize the seeds arranged from a year ago’s product.
  • At the point when to Plant bottle gourd: Bottle gourd is a late spring developing vegetable. Bring the seedlings up in a 4 inch pot inside (developing vegetables from seeds) or in a hot ices free place (temperature no less than 20 deg C) in ground by sowing 2 seeds, half inch down. Keep the pot damp.
  • Germination: The container gourd seeds are moderate in germination,may take from 7 to 25 days to grow contingent upon the dirt temperature. You can absorb the seeds water medium-term to accelerate germination. Utilize just the seeds that go to the base of the splashing dish. At the point when the seeds develop and the plants develop to 2-3 leaves, transplant them to the last place. Dispose of the weaker plants. (In chilly locales of USA, plant the seeds in little pots and keep them inside in the most sweltering territory of the house. Move the infant plants outside when the risk of ice is finished, might be in mid May.)
  • In pre-summer, exchange the container goyrd seedling plant to the readied bed containing fertilizer (treating the soil) and excrement. Water routinely. They require a lot of water in the developing season yet detest wet feet.
  • At the point when every principle vine develops to around 6-8 feet long, remove the developing tip. This will drive the plant to deliver side branches that will create organic product much sooner, more blooms and more natural products.
  • Shower ocean growth arrangement or fluid manure or comfrey tea compost routinely every third week.
  • The plant can develop to more than 15 ft, so they require a strong help to move by the ringlets or trellis along the stem.


  • Powdery mildew
  • alternaria blight

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