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Coupon code- freeseed18
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    Tomato Seeds

    Tomato has given great outcomes when developed in all around oversaw sandy topsoil and substantial earth soil free of hardpan yet best outcomes are gotten in profound, very much depleted topsoil.The dirt ought to be wealthy in natural issue and plant supplements, with a pH estimation of 6 to 7.

  • 50.00

    Bottle Gourd (Ghiya) Seeds

    Bottle gourd, otherwise called bottle squash, Doodhi, or Lowki is a tasty vegetable that has numerous employments. The main organic product achieves attractive development in around 70 days in the wake of sowing. It bears elongated, medium estimated, light green, pubescent, 10-12 organic products for each vine.

  • 35.00

    Bitter Gourd /karela Seeds

    It is broadly utilized as a part of east Asian, south Asian bundle of numerous minerals It is wealthy in calcium, press, sodium, zinc. It is a decent wellspring of vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Its juice helps invulnerable framework. Is useful for malignancy, diabetic and asthma understanding. Its juice is amazing for skin.

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    Brinjal Seeds

    Brinjal has many famous names like Eggplant and Aubergine, it is also known as Baingan or Bataun in India especially. Due to it’s shaped like a cap on the upper side some people call it ‘King of Vegetables’ too. Brinjal is the very low-calories vegetable and has healthy nutrition.

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