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Brinjal F1 Hybrid Green Long – Seeds (Eggplant) is a warm-climate plant. The ideal temperature for germination is 24-29°C (seedlings ought to rise in 6-8 days) and 22-30°C for development and natural product advancement. Full sun is an unquestionable requirement. Eggplant is versatile to various types of soil conditions. Profound, ripe and all around depleted sandy topsoil or residue topsoil soils are alluring. Eggplant can’t endure ice and the development of youthful plants is impeded when the temperature is beneath 16°C. Eggplant can endure dry season and extreme precipitation, however development moderates when temperatures surpass 35°C.

Pure Seeds: Min. 98%

Other Crop Seed   :  Max. 10 per kg

Inert Matter :  Max. 2%

Physical Purity :   Min 98%

Moisture :   Max. 7%

How to plant

In tropical or subtropical atmospheres, similar to India, the seeds can straightforwardly be sown into the ground. Notwithstanding, ensure that there is no more danger of ice, and that the icy season has really cleared a path for hotter climes. The brinjal plant requires loads of sun to flourish. The seeds should be planted 1cm profound and separated around 15 cm from each other. Water frequently and the seeds by and large sprout inside 2-3 weeks


  • Aphids
  • Beetles
  • Spider mites
  • Bacterial rot



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