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Morning Glory is the basic name for more than 1,000 types of blossoming plants in the family Convolvulaceae, whose present scientific classification and systematics are in motion.

How to plant

  • Grow annuals in a sunny, sheltered site. They need a lot of sun.
  • Plant in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Choose a site that is sheltered from cold or drying winds.
  • Sow Morning Glory seeds early in the season once the ground has warmed to 64°F.
  • File the seeds just long enough to break the coat and soak them for 24 hours before planting them. (They look like little worms.)
  • Cover lightly with ¼-inch of soil. Space about 6 inches apart. Water thoroughly.


  • Pests: Aphids, leaf miner, spider mites, caterpillar (leaf cutter)
  • Disease/Fungus: Rust, fungal leaf spots, and Fusarium Wilt
  • Critters: Deer can be a nuisance.




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