Celosia amaranth Flower Seed

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Celosia is a warmth tolerant blossom known for delivering lively, smooth sprouts with interesting structures, including plumosa assortments, which bear whorls of small blooms on a padded spike; cristata, the notable peaked cockscomb and coral-like assortments; and spicata assortments, which bear various, limited blossom spikes that look like heads of wheat. Johnny’s offers these three types of celosia in a scope of emotional hues and statures.

How to plant

Celosia are developed from fine seeds. They can be specifically seeded into your bloom plant or seeded inside for transplanting later. In the case of planting outside, sow Celosia seeds after the dirt has started to warm in the spring. We suggest beginning them inside 4 a month and a half before the last ice date for your region. Seeds need to remain soggy, and require warm soil to sprout.

Sow seeds ahead of schedule in the season and cover gently with 1/8″ of fine soil. Water altogether and keep soil clammy.

Days to Germination: 10-15


Normal irritations and maladies that taint celosia plant are aphids and insect bugs. For infections, check for leaf spot, stem, and root spoil. To stay away from disease keep your plant solid, water in restrict and guarantee great seepage. Splash with natural pesticide and fungicide if essential.

In the event that your celosia plant starts to shrivel and grows up with trouble, it is an indication of over the top watering or preparing. Planting in well-depleting soil or in a soilless preparing blend and treating as indicated by the guidelines will settle these issues.


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