Antirrhinum madame butterfly



One of a kind twofold petal compose.

Otherwise called an azalea compose, Madame Butterfly’s twofold petals make full, feathery sprouts for a Victorian look. Superb cut bloom. For outside or nursery creation.

Ht. 26-36″. Avg. 156,300 seeds/oz. Parcel: 50 seeds.


Transplant (prescribed) – Sow 8-10 weeks before last ice. Light is required for germination, yet a fine layer of vermiculite covering the seeds can keep up dampness levels and counteract green growth development. Base water or fog softly to abstain from covering the seed with dislodged soil. Transplant to cell packs or bigger holders when the principal genuine leaves show up, around 3 a month in the wake of sowing. In the event that coveted, for a bushier plant that produces more bloom creating side branches, squeeze youthful plants back significantly their tallness when plants have framed 4-6 leaves or are around 3-4 inches tall. Squeezing will postpone the yield time by fourteen days. On the off chance that squeezing, space plants 6-12 inches separated. Coordinate seeding isn’t prescribed.