Radish (Mooli)

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Long snow-white roots.
Thin white roots develop to 4-5″ and have a mellow flavor. Substantial sound tops. Avg. 48,200 seeds/lb. Parcel: 250 seeds.



The radish desi (Raphanus sativus) is a consumable root vegetable. Roots tissue is fresh with mellow sharpness. Roots are unadulterated white in shading. The shape is long, round and hollow. It is developed as a late spring and rainstorm edit from April September. Root length is 30 to 35 cm.

Pure seeds             :  Min. 98%

Other Crop seed   :  Max. 10 per kg

Inert Matter         :  Max. 2%

Physical Purity     :   Min 98%

Moisture                :   Max. 7%

How to plant

  • Plant 4 a month and a half before the normal date of last ice, after matured excrement or natural manure has been worked into soil.
  • Straightforwardly sow seeds ½ inch to an inch down and one inch separated in lines 12 inches separated.
  • After they have grown, thin to around 2-inch spacings. Swarmed plants won’t develop well.
  • Radishes require sun. On the off chance that they are planted in an excess of shade—or even where neighboring vegetable plants shade them—they put all their vitality into delivering bigger clears out.
  • Practice three-year edit pivot.
  • Plant sequentially like clockwork or thereabouts while climate is as yet cool for a nonstop collect of radishes.
  • Plan on a fall planting. You can plant radishes later than some other root trim in pre-fall or late-summer and still get a collect.


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